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Having a dog can be overwhelming at times. There is so much you need to know…For starters, how do you choose a dog? Train? Deal with behavior problems? Groom? Handle health issues? The good thing is, the more you know, the easier it gets. was created by a devoted dog rescuer for the benefit of dogs and their owners. By helping owners learn how to better take care of their dogs, hopefully less will be given up to shelters.

This site contains step-by-step guides, helpful tips, and product reviews. Whether you are already an experienced handler or just thinking about getting a dog, you will find some useful info here.

By Robert DeStaso

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Quiz to Choose Dog Breed: 10 Helpful Questions
This quiz to choose dog breed will help you evaluate which dog will best suit your lifestyle. Choosing the right breed is important because having a dog is a long term commitment.
40 Most Common Dog Names
Need help naming your pooch? Here are the most common dog names and tips on choosing a good name.
Free Dog Training Guide
This free dog training guide reviews the fundamentals, socialization, indoor training, and basic commands.
Free Help with Dog Behavior Problems: 3 Effective Cures
This free help with dog behavior will solve common problems like aggression, excessive barking, chasing, destructive chewing, and jumping up.
9 Step Instructions for Dog Grooming
These instructions for dog grooming will do more than just make your pooch's coat look nice and shiny. It gives you the opportunity to spend quality time bonding with your canine friend.
Home Health Care for Dog: 12 Step Examination
Home health care for dog begins with a checkup you can do yourself. Start by looking at his ears, then move to the eyes, nose, mouth, body, limbs, paws, and coat. Next, check the heart, lungs...
Dog Boarding vs Pet Sitter
When your travel plans can not include your pooch, you are faced with the decision of dog boarding vs pet sitter.
Warm Dog Clothing: Stylish Coats, Sweaters, Raincoats, Holiday Outfits
Check out the latest warm dog clothing on the canine fashion runway! These trendy outfits will keep any dog toasty warm in cold weather and make a bold fashion statement.
Top 10 Cute Pillow Dog Beds
You will find one of these cute pillow dog beds perfect for your canine friend while matching the décor of your home.
Top Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers
Whether you're looking for gift ideas for dog lovers, for yourself, or your favorite canine friend, you're sure to find something here.
Dog Links and Resources
Other dog links of interest, pets in general, and other interesting information!