Top 9 Best Breed Guard Dog

The best breed guard dog has traits that include strength, courage, protectiveness, and resistance to counterattack. These capable dogs are better suited to an experienced owner.

  1. Rottweiler - The Rottweiler is a calm, intelligent, courageous, and good natured with his human family. His powerful body and jaws offer formidable protection. This natural guard dog has proven its protective abilities over the years in police, military, and customs work.
  2. Bullmastiff - The Bullmastiff is a high spirited, confident, and faithful dog. He has the speed, strength, and endurance to overtake and capture intruders. Although unlikely to actually attack an intruder, this breed is more likely to knock him down and hold him in place. However, this dog can be stubborn and resistant to obedience training.
  3. Doberman Pinscher -Doberman Pinschers are intense and energetic, with tremendous strength and stamina. They have been bred for a century to be outstanding watchdogs. They tend to be aggressive with an independent disposition.

  4. Giant Schnauzer - The Giant Schnauzer is large, powerful, spirited dog, who is also very protective. This breed was first used as a cattle herding dog in Germany. Later, the police and military used him as a guard dog.
  5. German Shepard -German Shepards are reliable, responsive, and obedient. They are calm and confident, with a high learning capacity. This breed is a favorite for use as a guard, military, police, search and rescue, and guide dog.
  6. Rhodesian Ridgeback - Rhodesian Ridgebacks are intelligent and cunning. They are affectionate and loyal to their human family, yet tend to have a mind of their own. Ridgebacks are alert and willing watchdogs. They are strong, athletic hunters, with great stamina.
  7. American Staffordshire -Although American Staffordshires are courageous and persistent fighters if provoked, they also make a good-natured, loyal, affectionate family pet. They are gentle with children. They are highly protective of their owners and home, and will fight an enemy to the death. This breed has a high tolerance for pain.
  8. Great Pyrenees - This mountain dog was bred to guard flocks of sheep in the absence of the Shepard. They are relaxed but independent dogs, with a tendency to be overprotective. They will go into defense mode if their territory is invaded.
  9. Boxer - The Boxer is an intelligent, strong, active, fun-loving dog. His muscular and intimidating appearance makes him an excellent house protector. At the same, time, Boxers are very gentle with children.
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