Choosing Male vs Female Dog

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When choosing male vs female dog, several factors should be taken into consideration. There are distinct behavior differences between the sexes.

Male Dogs

  • Tend to be territorial and dominant. Even before puberty, these behaviors are attributed to male hormones. After puberty, these classical masculine traits get even more exaggerated. This makes training male dogs more difficult.
  • More active and more destructive. Blame it again on the male hormones.
  • More prone to aggression with other dogs. Dogs that are the same sex, size and age are more likely to see each other as rivals and show signs of aggression.
  • Has the instinctual urge to roam. An unneutered male will actively seek out females to mate with. This often results in escaping his environment, which can increase the risk of being hit by a car, injured, or lost.
  • A neutered male will make an excellent pet. He will become similar in temperament and affection as a female. Neutering makes him significantly calmer and far less aggressive. It will also diminish his tendency to roam.

Female Dogs

  • Generally easier to train and housebreak.
  • May be more demanding of affection. Females tend to focus their attention strongly on their human companion.
  • At puberty, female hormones can changes in behavior. It can increase possessiveness, alter mood, and increase the need to den.
  • During a female's heat cycle, they will actively seek out males. This motivates the female to escape from the house or yard, putting them in danger of being hit by a car, injured, or lost. Spaying your female dog is beneficial because it will prevent your dog from being impregnated, eliminate the biannual heat cycle, and keep your dog from wanting to escape.

Similar Behaviors

There are no differences between the two sexes regarding watchdog barking, playfulness, and excitability

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