How Stop Dog Chasing: 5 Effective Methods

There are several different strategies on how stop dog chasing. Remember, chasing itself is a normal dog behavior. Dogs instinctively want to chase moving objects. The intensity varies from breed to breed. Chasing is reinforced when other dogs join in.

Chasing becomes a behavior problem when your dog chases after cars, bicycles, joggers, and other animals. It can get dangerous if your dog runs into the road.

While it is possible to control chasing behavior, this instinct can never be totally eliminated. Your goal is to interrupt the chasing behavior and refocus his attention.

  1. Keep him on a leash until his chasing is under control.
  2. Refocus your dog's attention on you. Put a leash on your dog. Ask a friend to jog, drive, or bike past you. Before you dog attempts to chase, say his name once. If he looks at you, praise and give him a treat. If your dog doesn't look at you, run in the opposite direction. Keep repeating until he consistently responds to you.
  3. Distract him with a safe chase object. Experiment with different toys to see which your dog finds the most exciting. When your dog gets that fixated stare before he is about to give chase, wave around that toy and throw it in the opposite direction.
  4. Use a water pistol. Ask a friend to hold a water pistol as he drives, bike rides, or jogs past your dog. As your dog begins to chase, have your friend stop suddenly, squirt your dog, and say "No."
  5. Use a shock collar. Some dogs are more difficult to train than others. One of my rescue dogs used to drove me crazy chasing animals such as squirrels, deer, and rabbits. He was an obedient dog otherwise. I just couldn't break his fixation. It was a real problem when I would take him hiking in the woods. The shock collar immediately solved the problem.

    I highly recommend the one that I own: PetSafe SportDog Long Range Trainer SportDog Long Range Trainer.

    The way it works is you hold the remote control in your hand. When your dog is off leash and starts to give chase, give the "Come" command while giving one light shock. He will stop in his tracks. Call him to "Come" again. Praise him when he returns.

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