10 Tips on How to Remove Skunk Smell from Dog

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Here are some helpful tips on how to remove skunk smell from dog.

  1. Act quickly! Once the skunk spray dries, the harder it will be to remove the odor. A skunked dog can smell for weeks, until the oils wear off naturally. Some long-haired dogs can retain the odor for years, smelling every time they get wet.
  2. Put on old clothes and gloves. Since skunk spray is an oil, it is difficult to remove from clothing.
  3. Wash him outside, if possible. Otherwise your entire house will smell. Keep your pooch away from his crate or bed until you've dealt with the odor.
  4. Check the eyes. Dogs usually approach skunks face first, which means they usually take a direct hit in the eyes. Skunk spray is irritating to the eyes. Your dog's eyes may become red or watery. It won't make him blind, but it is very painful. Flush his eyes with an over-the-counter human eye wash or saline solution. Tap water is ok, but saline solution is more soothing.
  5. Neutralize the spray. Mix 2 pints hydrogen peroxide, ¼ cup baking soda, and two teaspoons of dishwashing liquid. You may need to repeat the peroxide bath several times before the stench subsides. Don't let him dry off. Just rinse thoroughly, then wash and repeat. (This solution will fizz up, so don't keep in a tight container because it may explode.)
  6. Tomato Juice. You will need more than a couple cans. First, wash him with his regular shampoo and rinse him well. Then saturate his coat with tomato juice. Let it soak in for 20 minutes. Rinse him well and shampoo again. Repeat the process until the smell subsides. However, if your dog has a light colored coat, tomato juice can stain it pink.
  7. Massengill. This over-the-counter douche will remove skunk smell from dog. For small to medium pets, mix 2 ounces of Massengill with 1 gallon of water. For large dogs, double the amount of Massengill and water. Pour the mixture over your dog. Let it soak for 15 minutes. Then wash him with his regular shampoo and rinse thoroughly.
  8. Club Soda. Use at room temperature. Apply the soda to your dog's coat. Let it soak in. Then wash him with his regular shampoo.

  9. DeSkunking Product. Once you've bathed your pet, use a deskunking product like Skunk-Off. It should stop the odor quickly and permanently. It is also safe, nontoxic, and nonirritating.
  10. Vanilla. Mask the smell by mixing 1 ¼ cup of vanilla extract mixed in a gallon of water. Let it soak in for 10 minutes. Then wash him with his regular shampoo. The vanilla won't eliminate the skunk smell, but it will make him less smelly.

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